Unconference Brainstorming Page


Do you have an area you’d like to learn about to improve your skill set? Have a cool tool or best practice that you’d like to share with your colleagues? Learn from your peers at the Unconference!

Please utilize this page to post comments about what you’d like to learn or what you’d like to teach others! Feel free to discuss any education- and leadership-related topics, from your current challenges to everything in between!

Some ideas (from Institute planning meeting 2016 and random suggestions)…

  • Aspiring & New Principals session – We’d love to have a session for these folks to get together and learn from one another — possibly led by an experienced principal or two! If this is something you’d be interested in, please suggest it during our Board Building Session on Thursday at Institute!
  • Technology – Do you have some great tech tools? Consider leading a session on these tools!
  • PLCs & staff meetings – There is a constant need for great tips for quality PLCs and staff meetings. If you are a PLC guru, please consider leading!
What else do you want to know? What would you want to lead? Post about it here!

16 thoughts on “Unconference Brainstorming Page

    1. Merry

      could we have more on setting up and maintaining a twitter account

      could we have something on fun new iphone apps to use at school – snap chat???


  1. Kim DeWitte

    Colleagues have been talking about Back To School Conferences. I would be happy to share what we do at Belle Plaine and would love to hear what other districts are doing.

    Also G/T scheduling and/or programming;


  2. I would love to see Makerspaces…more specifically, how do we tie standards to activities with the “techie” stuff? What are teachers doing? I want to make it approachable so teachers will see why they can use it with kids.


  3. JenLarva

    I would like to learn more about how to use Voxer as a professional learning tool.

    Also, there is some legislation on dyslexia that I am just hearing about and want to know how it will impact our schools.


  4. The Pre-K 3 Online Cohort has been learning about the research behind Oral Language and Vocabulary development in PreK and Early Elementary Classrooms and it’s connection to continued success through and beyond 3rd grade. I would be interested in collaborating on this as well as other PreK – 3 leadership.


  5. Tom Cawcutt

    I would second Jen Larva’s comment about the new(er) dyslexia legislation, in addition convergence insufficiency disorder is required to be screened now as well. We have received some information from MDE regarding how to comply with the statute, but many questions remain unanswered.


  6. Melissa Barnett

    I would like to hear more about schools who have moved to personalized learning; what was their process, what does it look like, things that were learned along the way, parent communication, etc.


  7. Ann Dettmann

    Your idea for a “newbie” session would be terrific! I would like to know more about student discipline, suspension (in and out of school) expulsion and the DIRS report.


  8. Tracy Reimer

    The notion of “future ready leaders” and building leadership capacity. I would be happy to share ideas and would love to hear what others are doing.


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